Sofi's 002

Friday nights are the best part of the entire week.

You have the entire weekend ahead of you as reward for the battles fought during the hellish work week, still fresh in your mind.

Saturday is nice, but you know you only have one more day left, and we all can agree that Sunday sucks as you are consumed with constant Monday thoughts.

So, when the glass of Greek wine came my way, I gladly accepted. Like an elixir to soothe my wounds.

Except that Greek wine sucks.

The glass of straight up vinegar was hard to get down (I managed).

I kept thinking that this surely was the product of Lucille’s Ball famous grape smashing scene, both in age and in it’s recent proximity to feet.

Sofi’s is mostly an outdoor courtyard, which was quite pleasant. We had to wait about an hour (equals three glasses of vinegar/wine) for our food. We listened to the Greek musician play in the meantime.

The waiter insisted we were ordering all the wrong things.

But as he chose our dreadful wine, we were careful to choose the exact opposite when he recomended our dessert.

“I wouldn’t get that, the custard is so much better!” (I’m sure he slipped in an ‘Opa!’ as well)

I ordered the Pastitsio, which is supposed to be like a Greek lasagne, but it’s more like Hamburger Helper.

But in a really good way.

I didn’t touch the boring rice and the green beans were soggy central.

The spanakopita was excellent (the spinach did NOT taste like blood).

Sofi's 001

We were there about three hours and it was a very nice evening. As usual, we were the loudest bunch there.

However, a quiet Greek restaurant is about as common as a Burger King commercial NOT involved in racial profiling.

8030 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 651-0346