Spark Woodfire Grill 003pizza

This week has been kind of dull. Nothing to make fun of. Just a lot of hiking and TV watching.

“Peter thinks he’s dull” – Jan Brady

On one of my hikes up Runyon Canyon, I came across a situation that happens to us all.

Walking the same pace as someone else.

The trouble is, they think you’re stalking them. And you think that they think you’re stalking them.

A decision must be made.

One of you must speed up or slow down.

When neither party chooses this course of action, the result can be very painful.

You now have a new, unexpected walking buddy.

When that person looks to their side, pretending to admire a tree or a puppy (they’re really trying to get a look at the person that’s about to murder them) you have to make a conscious effort to look at the ground or at the very same tree or puppy!

It’s exhausting!

Eventually, one of you must dart down a street you had no intentions of going down just to ditch the whole annoying process.

Or you could suddenly start jogging OR take out your keys and pretend to get your car (choose the car wisely).

The Asparagus Goat Cheese pizza at Spark’s was tasty and very thin. So thin, that I would liken it to the thickness of three good sized layers of human skin.

The corn chowder was ok. Kind of sweet.

The Caesar salad was bland but the cornmeal croutons were tasty.

Spark Woodfire Grill 002salad

The servers were super friendly, the prices were reasonable, blah blah FREAKING BLAH!

9575 W Pico BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 277-0133