Ben's Deli 002

Last night I went to a fun cocktail party.

Nibbles were promised, but instead a 35 course meal lay out for us.

I decided to not take any pictures of the delicious food and instead just snap a shot of the champagne and strawberries since we had just eaten at Della Terra and needed some booze to soak up all that food.

Della Terra 005

The following morning, I met my friend for a pretty challenging hike in Burbank. He’s running the LA marathon next weekend and needed to get some cross training in.

And it wouldn’t kill him to loose a few* pounds.

After the hike we were famished. We picked Ben’s because it was close and it looked like the perfect place to eat in our sweaty condition: GHETTO

Ben’s reminds me of a converted garage that someone crammed a few skanky booths in and asked all their female bowling buddies to help out waitressing.

There was a sign** boasting of the world’s best corned beef. Or was it just Burbank’s best?

Regardless, it WAS the best I’ve ever had. So tender. However, I think I’ve only had about 4 of them.

We also ordered the brisket, cheese and green chili sammie, which was pretty good***.

Ben's Deli 003


**Hand written on the window

***Don’t bother, just get the corned beef

271 E Orange Grove Ave
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 846-6227