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I decided long ago (never to walk in anyone’s shadow) that I knew what the meaning of life was.

Well, not so much meaning, but the purpose of life.

Our purpose is to pursue happiness while ensuring the happiness of others. Maintain that balance and you’re set. That’s all you can do. Pressure’s off.

However, exactly how often are we actually happy? Maybe 10% of each day?

The rest of the time, we’re just muddling through. Wandering like zombies, drowning in coffee, paperwork, meaningless chatter and booze. In that order.

I believe we’re under the impression that the security of a routine (a steady job, a place to hang our hat, people to pass the time with) is the most one can hope for and a decent substitute for real happiness.

I guess my point is that many of us fall into the trap of being so lazy that we wait around, grazing like sheep, for the few times in life that happiness comes our way. Instead of actually pursuing it.


Coupa Café, an Venezuelan joint where everyone seemed to know everyone, had an amazing looking menu but with AVERAGE food.

We ordered the appetizer combo platter and split a Panini.

The only thing that was worth mentioning was the chicken empanada, so flavorful! Everything else can be chalked up to different versions of fried, flavorless cheese.

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After biting into the Petrified Panini, I watched as half of the roof of my mouth scraped off with the first bite.

The sundried tomatoes were like mummified worms.

Our waiter was wearing some knitted afghan sweater that he must have snatched from a dumpster outside an old folks’ home.

In summary, run, don’t walk…directly into oncoming traffic rather than come here.

419 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 385-0420
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