Pink Taco 001

Something I hate more than life itself: WHEN I DROP SOMETHING ON THE GROUND. My abhorence of this type of event stems from when I used to work at an obnoxious store in a shopping mall as a young adult.

I won’t say where I worked (I’m mortified not only by where but how long I ended up staying there) but I sold lots of little crap that customers would always drop on the ground and leave for me to clean up.

When they weren’t stuffing the stuff in their pockets.

Which I’d prefer, because then I wouldn’t have to clean anything up. Take everything you can grab, people!!


Either way, I got so sick of picking stuff up, that now, when I drop something as simple as the toothbrush, I begin to fume and huff and puff.

The mother of all situations is the DOMINO DROP. This is when you knock over something that knocks something else over that knocks over 72 SHAMPOO BOTTLES making you turn around in a panic as your elbow swipes EVERYTHING off the window sill!!

Why are there so many freaking bottles in my shower??

It all enrages me.

Just like when James Brown’s “I Feel Good” comes on the radio.

(I believe that certain songs should be permanently retired when they’ve been played 1 million times)

I’m almost too pissed off to review Pink Taco now. Let me calm down.

Pink Taco is an upscale Mexican Hooters, essentially.

You don’t really go for the food or the clientele (almost strictly businessmen) but for the boobs and the margaritas.

My carne asada tacos (pictured at top) look like they’ve been snowed on. And they were just as cold.

Pink Taco is a chain, so I won’t waste any more breath on them.

Thanks for letting me vent.