This place is quirky, eclectic and like a biblical woman during that time of the month, UNCLEAN.

To roughly quote Tenille, “This place is the grossest meal that I kind of enjoyed.”

Situated on a lonely stretch of Pico, next to a 7-11, Golden Indian Grill & Pizza (of course the two go together) was kind of a last minute decision.

Upon entering, we notice a disheveled, lady of the evening counting her lotto tickets and marking them on a spreadsheet. Proving that a little organization in advance can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle later, when you attempt to cash in hundreds of crumpled, expired, losing tickets.

indian Pizza

We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza,
a greasy, foul-colored pile of curry
and some hollow Samosas.

The pizza was actually kind of tasty.

indian Tiki

The curry however…one word…instant diarrhea. It’s one word if you say it fast enough on your way to the bathroom.

The pictures on the wall were the highlight of this culinary journey.

There were four enourmous photos (one with red eye) of random people shoving pizza in their tomato sauce-stained mouth. Not pizza models. But real, disposable photos of weird, squinting strangers all eating a completely different brand of pizza. Hilarious.

We served ourselves water from the .99 cent store plastic pitcher from the deli fridge. For dessert, we had some weird Indian yogurt popcicles that were not bad. But like with the curry, my stomach grumbled just looking at the previously melted and refrozen treats.

When the kitch factor had dissipated, we finally got the hell out of there, all of us regretting our decision and remembering there were three of us and only one bathroom! Grumble, grumble…

5954 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(323) 930-2193