All About the Bread 004

Continuing with my “Do you ever…” series, we discuss the enigma of finding long lost friends on Facebook and then immediately ditching them again.

We’ve all stalked, I mean searched for people we went to high school with, elementary crushes, ect.

And most of us have had at least one person reject our “Friend Request” right? Bastards! Of course, I’m not referring to me, I just feel bad for you guys.

But what about those folks who we’ve just never been able to find online. What have they been doing? Living on hippy communes learning to make earth-friendly bombs?

I’ve been looking for this one person for over ten years and suddenly she finds me on Facebook. Yeah! The clouds part! She’s finally joined the human cyber race!

We chat back and forth a bit.

Then we each forget the other exists.

Huh? We used to be inseparable as teens. What the hell happened? I think just knowing that we can talk to someone whenever we’d like, has spoiled us to the point where we actually DON’T talk to each other.

It’s like the difference between telling your kids the dangers of drugs (and having them sneak off and do them) or having a baseball bat-sized joint constantly sitting on top of the TV. Sure, your kids could go and smoke it. But it’s no fun if they can have it whenever you’d want.

Plus, the first puff would most likely asphyxiate them. And you would wonder who’s body that is blocking the TV.

Speaking of joints, let’s get to an AMAZING sandwich spot.

All About the Bread is a new sandwich place from one of the people that brought you Bay Cities Deli.

Except, this sandwich is BETTER.

First of all, let me start by saying I ate here with Clyde.

The last time I neglected to mention Clyde, I was made to feel very guilty. He’s thinks every time he’s mentioned on my blog gets him one step closer to the fame he so desires.

And he’s completely right.

Ok, so, like the title says, it truly is ALL ABOUT THE BREAD. The crust is crispy but not “rip open the roof of your mouth” hard and the bread isn’t too thick (like Bay Cities) so you won’t lose a veneer trying to take your first bite.

We ordered the Meatball sandwich (pictured at top). Officially the best I’ve EVER had. The meatballs were so flavorful and you get a side of marinara if you were about to complain the sammy looked dry. Stop complaining! Geez!

“Napoleon, go make yerself a damn Quesa-Dilla!”

The Godfather is a rip-off of Bay Cities’ Godmother. But better. The sandwich isn’t a complete soggy mess and the bread is actually warm out of the oven!

Make sure to Friend Request this restaurant as soon as possible. Then brutally ignore them once they’ve accepted you.

All About the Bread 001

7111 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046