Bamboo 006pizza

Do you ever meet someone who laughs too long at their own jokes? It’s both narcissistic and ignorant, as it makes the laughee quite uncomfortable. Especially because their comments are usually not funny in the slightest.

What I usually do is pretend to have a coughing fit halfway through, cutting the whole scene short.

I’ve always found I don’t laugh at what most other people think is funny. Whenever a blockbuster comedy comes out such as “The Hangover” comes out (which everyone thinks is hilarious) I find it a bit too obvious.

I think subtlety is much funnier. The dryer the humor, the better.

I think that’s why shows such as “The Office” are so popular now, people are looking for new ways to laugh, rather than the old days of idiots slipping on banana peels.

Bamboo, a caribbean joint on Venice that thinks it’s upscale, was absolutely dead today. We had clearly rented out the place for our lunch. That’s just how Bun Boy does it.

We each got the corn chowder (I can’t say NO to corn, EVER). It was tasty but very soupy, not thick at all. So, if that’s a deal breaker, corn fans, take note!

Bamboo 001soup

We shared the BBQ Vegetable pizza pictured at the top. So good! Loved the perfectly grilled asparagus!

Now for the chicken salad. It was just strips of chicken flopped onto boring, limp greens, like an agressive lover.

It wasn’t necessarily awful, however, I did slam the plate against the wall in protest. The waiter was sobbing as he picked up the broken shards. I’m not usually a cruel man, some people just need reminding.

Bamboo 005salad

To end on a good note, their salsa was so dee-scrumptious, not only did we devour two containers of it, but I poured it over both the pizza AND the salad!

10835 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0668