Langers 002

I’ll admit, my car is a piece of shit.

But it wasn’t always like that. New, my car was worth slightly less than my parents last home purchase!

It’s now a complete joke amongst my friends. “Isn’t it illegal to drive without a side mirror?”

In addition to the missing mirror:

1. The missing front grill (I accidentally tapped a Cadillac)

2. The driver’s side DOOR HANDLE came off in my hand months ago. I now have to enter the vehicle via the passenger side. I can no longer valet the car and sometimes I take extra long when loading my groceries if there’s any people around who could witness how I get back in.

3. The cupholder is broken

4. The CD player recognized one in 7 CD’s I attempt to play

5. If I drive over 40 mph, my steering wheel shakes like the Dickens.

6. I was hit by a semi truck a while back and still haven’t repaird that damage either.

All that being said, I still was a little worried when parking for Langers yesterday, as the neighborhood is not ideal. The car still looks good from the right angle (aerial view)

We had planned on going to the LA Street Food Fest, but when we drove by and saw the line around the block, we quickly changed our minds.

The 30 minute line at Langer’s seemed miniscule in comarison.

Langers, open since 1947, was recently featured on the Food Network, so now it’s popularity has increased even more.

They sure know how to get you in and out there, however. We had our sandwiches within minutes of ordering.

We shared the world famous Pastrami with coleslaw and swiss (see above)

Langers 001

As well as an alternate pastrami with nippy cheese and sauerkraut. Nippy cheese is another way of saying American cheese, although we made endless jokes and were shocked when no one within earshot found Nipsey Russell cheese as funny as we did.


The bread was out of this world, lightly toasted so the crust was perfectly crips but you could still enjoy the soft heavenly pillow of rye. The pastrami was thick cut and extremely high quality.

Before we knew it, bits of pastrami coated the table and Chesty Morgan was quite grossed out. She does not believe in food leaving the plate. What a square!

704 S Alvarado St
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 483-8050