The Surley Goat 005

This past Monday, we attended the soft opening of a new beer bar only blocks from my house. They’re featuring Kern River Brewing Company beer, which is owned by our friends Eric and Rebecca, who were visiting from the Kern.

As I surveyed the populous, I thought to myself that future Mondays would never see this many people again. They must have all been friends and family, hoping for some free beer, but bringing their wallets just in case.

They have about 24 hand-beers on tap, we tried about 10 of them, including Brown Sugga, the Velvet Merkin and a delicious Lychee sour beer. I’ve never tried a sour beer before and I’m a fan!

The Surley Goat 004

There is a possibly real goat’s head hanging above the bar. Other than that and “Planet of the Apes” playing on the TV, there isn’t much going on with the decor. But it’s casual, no attitude; a nice neighborhood addition.

The spot where The Surly Goat has taken over must be cursed, it’s been a hundred other failed bars before this one.

Good Luck, Surly Goat!

I give you six months.

The Surley Goat 001

7929 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 650-4628