Eduardo's 002

Who put that severed human tongue on my tacos??

I needed to get out of the office today. And I needed tacos.

Those are two common needs of mine.

Eduardo’s is a simple, somewhat healthy joint located in a strip mall.

In LA, many of the best gems are hidden in those seedy, 3-available-parking-spot complex’s. Usually right next to a ghetto, neon nail salon and a super shady dental office. However, the only indication of the latter is a chipped, painted sign boasting “Dentist”. If they don’t accept your insurance, I’m sure they’ll take a kidney!

As far as Eduardo’s decor goes… I don’t think there is any. But who cares? It’s lunchtime and you’re working. Do you really need festive? You’re not guzzling margaritas. Well, not more than three.

What did stand out was their salsa bar. The make their own mango salsa! It didn’t really go with anything but I kept eating it because it was there.

I got the two taco platter. It was large, fresh and tasty!

You watched them take full steaks off the grill and dice them up and you could see all the chicken being bbq’d.

That’s a rare occurrence, in a Mexican joint, to actually see your food cooking from start to finish.

Start to finish?? Crap. I sound like Rachael Ray! I’ll tell ya what you can do with that EVOO!!!


Find yourself walking down the hall, you see someone approaching whom you do NOT wish to walk by, and you pretend to go down the nearest hallway?

You either don’t like the person or you’ve already walked by him/her too many times and you no longer wish to nod or smile as you pass them.

So, instead, you decide to do the decent thing and ignore them.

What I hate is when they end up following you down that same hallway into the printing room and you now have to pretend to look for something that isn’t there.

“Shoot, I must have forgotten to hit ‘print’!”

1830 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 475-2410