XIV 007

Let’s try this again.

The last time I attempted to blog about this place, my website caught a virus. One that led my poor mother to some graphic porn site when she attempted to see what Bun Boy was up to.

That’ll teach her!

I’m so upset that all the pictures I took of my most expensive blogged-about meal all turned out CRAPPY.

Except for these shortribs, which were given to us for free.

XIV 005

Yes, free.

Trust me, you WANT to eat with Bun Boy.

The sad thing is, the ribs were both fatty and bland. And were perched on a pile of horseradish FOAM.

Why is FOAM popping up in so many trendy LA restaurants?? It’s texture is revolting, like eating spittle.


XIV is an upscale lounge posing as a restaurant (a depressingly common trend), owned by a company which seems to run half of LA’s nightlife.

We came here for DineLA week, where you get a preset menu for a preset price.

The trouble is, $44 turned into $90 a person!

$90 for FOAM!

The parsnip soup I ordered was tasty but it featured a dollop of apple flavored FOAM, unncessarily.

Luckily the salmon was absolutely delicious, I’ve never had it so perfectly cooked before. All four bites of it.

It was served on a bed of braised celery, the flavor went perfectly with the fish.

And it contained zero FOAM.

I would offer you a picture, but it pretty much SUCKED!

My desert was amazing, Nutella custard with Popcorn Ice Cream! The only downside was the Passion fruit FOAM placed in the dessert cup for absolutely no reason. It did NOT belong. Like a priest in a locker room.

Once again, no picture available.

But here’s a pic of my friend’s dessert.

XIV 006

On our way out, we spotted Sidney Poitier waiting for a table, not looking a day over 106. I should have warned him to run for the hills! The FOAM was coming, the FOAM was coming!

8117 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 656-1414