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My good friend Marion Campbell, better known on my blog as “Captain”, sure loves her wine.

So much so, she’s begun pimping it in her spare time.

(I believe I just rhymed)

She is a talent agent by day and a wine consultant by night.

She’s one of the busiest and most talented chics I know, she was literally born to do both.

Wine Tasting at Deb  Julie's 006

Recently, she had a few friends over for a wine tasting at her home. She layed out quite the spread, the food was delicious!

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Wine Shop At Home 002

And so were the wines! We bought cases and cases of the available wines and not just cuz we were her friends!

Here’s how it works:

You decide to host a wine tasting at your home.

You lay out a simple spread of fruits, cheeses, crackers and chocolate.

She comes over with 6 wines for you and your 8-12 guests to sample. You only pay $60 bucks (collect $5 bucks from each of your cheap friends) and you even get a free gift for hosting!

Then you can order any of the wines from her just like a tupperware party…except tupperware doesn’t get you drunk.

The best part of her tastings (besides the fact that she’s a spitfire and you’ll be doubled over with laughter) is that you can turn the tasting into an excuse for a party!


Wine Tasting at Deb  marion pourin