Sweet Love Hangover 002

On my way to lunch today, I see a fist fight break out on LaBrea, most likely victims of road rage; the two guys’ cars were stopped in the middle of the road! All the swinging fists I witnessed missed their targets, but it was quite entertaining for that 30 seconds.

There seem to be a lot of restaurants popping up in Hollywood specializing in upscale comfort food.

I have NO problem with this. I never met a mac and cheese that I didn’t want to make love to.

Clyde also swears the 4 cheese mac pictured above is the best he’s ever had. And his grandmother had an incredible recipe of her own!

We attempted to be sensible, so we split a Love Club sandwich. Very good, it was served hot, which was a nice change.

Sweet Love Hangover 004

I can’t quite decypher the theme of this place. There’s some elements of the whole Love thing, but the walls display kitchy toys such as boxing nuns.

The fries were ok. The dipping sauces were a tad boring, the bbq sauce didn’t really go with either fry and the tabasco ketchup tasted a bit stale.

Sweet Love Hangover 005

But there’s something very homey and neighborhoody about this place. Our waitress was great, the food was tasty and nicely priced.

I would definitely come back, if only to continue my torrid love affair with that mac and cheese.

6508 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028