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  • February 26, 2010 8:47 am


This place is quirky, eclectic and like a biblical woman during that time of the month, UNCLEAN.

To roughly quote Tenille, “This place is the grossest meal that I kind of enjoyed.”

Situated on a lonely stretch of Pico, next to a 7-11, Golden Indian Grill & Pizza (of course the two go together) was kind of a last minute decision.

Upon entering, we notice a disheveled, lady of the evening counting her lotto tickets and marking them on a spreadsheet. Proving that a little organization in advance can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle later, when you attempt to cash in hundreds of crumpled, expired, losing tickets.

indian Pizza

We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza,
a greasy, foul-colored pile of curry
and some hollow Samosas.

The pizza was actually kind of tasty.

indian Tiki

The curry however…one word…instant diarrhea. It’s one word if you say it fast enough on your way to the bathroom.

The pictures on the wall were the highlight of this culinary journey.

There were four enourmous photos (one with red eye) of random people shoving pizza in their tomato sauce-stained mouth. Not pizza models. But real, disposable photos of weird, squinting strangers all eating a completely different brand of pizza. Hilarious.

We served ourselves water from the .99 cent store plastic pitcher from the deli fridge. For dessert, we had some weird Indian yogurt popcicles that were not bad. But like with the curry, my stomach grumbled just looking at the previously melted and refrozen treats.

When the kitch factor had dissipated, we finally got the hell out of there, all of us regretting our decision and remembering there were three of us and only one bathroom! Grumble, grumble…

5954 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(323) 930-2193


  • February 24, 2010 9:52 pm

All About the Bread 004

Continuing with my “Do you ever…” series, we discuss the enigma of finding long lost friends on Facebook and then immediately ditching them again.

We’ve all stalked, I mean searched for people we went to high school with, elementary crushes, ect.

And most of us have had at least one person reject our “Friend Request” right? Bastards! Of course, I’m not referring to me, I just feel bad for you guys.

But what about those folks who we’ve just never been able to find online. What have they been doing? Living on hippy communes learning to make earth-friendly bombs?

I’ve been looking for this one person for over ten years and suddenly she finds me on Facebook. Yeah! The clouds part! She’s finally joined the human cyber race!

We chat back and forth a bit.

Then we each forget the other exists.

Huh? We used to be inseparable as teens. What the hell happened? I think just knowing that we can talk to someone whenever we’d like, has spoiled us to the point where we actually DON’T talk to each other.

It’s like the difference between telling your kids the dangers of drugs (and having them sneak off and do them) or having a baseball bat-sized joint constantly sitting on top of the TV. Sure, your kids could go and smoke it. But it’s no fun if they can have it whenever you’d want.

Plus, the first puff would most likely asphyxiate them. And you would wonder who’s body that is blocking the TV.

Speaking of joints, let’s get to an AMAZING sandwich spot.

All About the Bread is a new sandwich place from one of the people that brought you Bay Cities Deli.

Except, this sandwich is BETTER.

First of all, let me start by saying I ate here with Clyde.

The last time I neglected to mention Clyde, I was made to feel very guilty. He’s thinks every time he’s mentioned on my blog gets him one step closer to the fame he so desires.

And he’s completely right.

Ok, so, like the title says, it truly is ALL ABOUT THE BREAD. The crust is crispy but not “rip open the roof of your mouth” hard and the bread isn’t too thick (like Bay Cities) so you won’t lose a veneer trying to take your first bite.

We ordered the Meatball sandwich (pictured at top). Officially the best I’ve EVER had. The meatballs were so flavorful and you get a side of marinara if you were about to complain the sammy looked dry. Stop complaining! Geez!

“Napoleon, go make yerself a damn Quesa-Dilla!”

The Godfather is a rip-off of Bay Cities’ Godmother. But better. The sandwich isn’t a complete soggy mess and the bread is actually warm out of the oven!

Make sure to Friend Request this restaurant as soon as possible. Then brutally ignore them once they’ve accepted you.

All About the Bread 001

7111 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046


  • February 23, 2010 12:37 am

Marmalade Cafe 001

Tonight, we went to the opening of the movie “Shutter Island”. My review? As James Vanderbeek said last night; “I give it a solid ‘B’ ”

Ever since “The Sixth Sense”, every single Hollywood thriller has to have a ‘shocking twist’.

The problem therein, is twofold.

First, it’s now become a cheap ploy to lure in audiences, who have to find out what the little evil orphan’s secret is. Once they do, they never have to watch the film again. They can’t. The bubble has burst. The movie has spoiled, like old yogurt or vegetables purchased at Trader Joes.

Second, once you find the secret out, you almost disregard the last hour of movie you’ve just watched. None of it was real, not as you knew it. I don’t care for movies where you find out nothing you just watched really happened. It’s an old, tired trick. And I’m an old, tired man.

What I DO like to do in movies is try to catch the actors playing dead people, breathing! It’s so fun. Especially when they’re chest is rising so obviously even when there’s a bloody knife protruding from it!

Before Shutter Island, we needed to grab a quick bite at the Grove. The Grove is known for it’s semi-upscale chain restaurants.

I don’t normally blog about those. I live in LA, we have millions of independently own eateries, I don’t need to spend my money in places that “When you’re here, you’re family”.

But chain restaurants know how to get you in and out quickly. Your enormous entrees arrive in milliseconds by the waitress with the stock, ugly uniform while you stare at the cheesy faux finish on the walls.

We started with the AMAZING tuna tar tar (pictured at top). It was the best thing we ate that night.

Captain and I ordered two salads to split.

The Chopped Italian

Marmalade Cafe 002

and the BBQ Chicken.

Marmalade Cafe 006

Our chipper waitress was a bit psychotic and cluelessly kept begging us to order stuff we clearly didn’t want.

Suggesting “Hmm, you guys all want different wines…so…why don’t you just get a bottle of something?” or “You guys should really get the peanut butter cake, it’s SOO good” after we had just said “We’re gonna pass on dessert tonight”.

I’m not gonna print the restaurant contact info like I normally do. You can just look up the corporate website they spent millions on developing.


  • February 22, 2010 11:47 am

Bamboo 006pizza

Do you ever meet someone who laughs too long at their own jokes? It’s both narcissistic and ignorant, as it makes the laughee quite uncomfortable. Especially because their comments are usually not funny in the slightest.

What I usually do is pretend to have a coughing fit halfway through, cutting the whole scene short.

I’ve always found I don’t laugh at what most other people think is funny. Whenever a blockbuster comedy comes out such as “The Hangover” comes out (which everyone thinks is hilarious) I find it a bit too obvious.

I think subtlety is much funnier. The dryer the humor, the better.

I think that’s why shows such as “The Office” are so popular now, people are looking for new ways to laugh, rather than the old days of idiots slipping on banana peels.

Bamboo, a caribbean joint on Venice that thinks it’s upscale, was absolutely dead today. We had clearly rented out the place for our lunch. That’s just how Bun Boy does it.

We each got the corn chowder (I can’t say NO to corn, EVER). It was tasty but very soupy, not thick at all. So, if that’s a deal breaker, corn fans, take note!

Bamboo 001soup

We shared the BBQ Vegetable pizza pictured at the top. So good! Loved the perfectly grilled asparagus!

Now for the chicken salad. It was just strips of chicken flopped onto boring, limp greens, like an agressive lover.

It wasn’t necessarily awful, however, I did slam the plate against the wall in protest. The waiter was sobbing as he picked up the broken shards. I’m not usually a cruel man, some people just need reminding.

Bamboo 005salad

To end on a good note, their salsa was so dee-scrumptious, not only did we devour two containers of it, but I poured it over both the pizza AND the salad!

10835 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0668


  • February 19, 2010 12:57 am

Red Corner Asia 001

Aw, delicious testicle soup.

Today was a beautifully sunny and warm day in LA. Just God’s way of flipping off the snowy east coast.

I went on a hike at Griffith Park (I just saw on the news, a human skull was found a few hours after I left! I hope they don’t trace it back to me)

Nancy and I drove to Thai Town and just randomly picked the first restaurant that looked good. But that one was closed so we ate at Red Corner Asia, instead.

There were half a dozen Thai places in the plaza, so we pointed to the first one that didn’t have a “B” Health rating.

So funny, the FDA allows a certain amount of rat droppings and creepy crawlies to fall into foods like tomato sauces and peanut butter but one little cockroach crawls across the floor to feast on a dropped piece of lettuce just as the health inspector shows up and suddenly they’re ready to shut the place down.

Which I’m fine with.

I don’t want cockroaches eating my lettuce.

Nancy and I ordered the chicken satay to start. Very moist. The chicken, that is.

Red Corner Asia 003

Then I ordered the Kung Pao Pasta, which was oily as heck. Yes, I said heck. But it was still quite tasty as it slithered down my throat.

Red Corner Asia 005

The tastiest thing was the coconut soup pictured at the top. Wow, SO good and salt central!

All in all, this place doesn’t really stand out from any of the other thai joints in the area. But our waitress looked just the singer Rhianna (only Asian) so if you’re into that, stop on by and tell em Bun Boy sent you (they won’t know what you’re talking about).

5267 Hollywood BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 466-6722


  • February 16, 2010 9:11 pm

Kung Pao Kitty 005

Do people faint as often as they do in the movies? And when they do, do they fall sideways and hit the floor like an anvil?

I believe the world will end when movie ideas have been tapped out completely. The fact that comedic fainting and Julia Roberts’ psychotic laughter still make cinematic appearances makes me worry for the future of our planet.

Here it is, Valentine’s Day. Gross.

Everyone else is out doing couply things except Chesty and I.

So we decide to go out for a Chinese.

Kung Pao Kitty is an upscale, loungy restaurant with a fun menu.

We started with the 70’s Style Egg Rolls. They were filled only with ground meat. They were just ok.

Kung Pao Kitty 001

We ordered the Kitty’s Kung Pao chicken and the Mu Shu Pork. The quality of the meat was excellent and the portions were quite ample. Like Chesty Morgan’s breasts.

Kung Pao Kitty 003

Kung Pao Kitty 002

As obnoxious as Valentine’s Day is (guaranteeing moments of depression for every single person) I do appreciate that all the restaurants have been garnishing the tables with candy! Chipping a tooth is always a good way to distract oneself from the fact that you’re all alone.


  • February 15, 2010 11:04 pm

Langers 002

I’ll admit, my car is a piece of shit.

But it wasn’t always like that. New, my car was worth slightly less than my parents last home purchase!

It’s now a complete joke amongst my friends. “Isn’t it illegal to drive without a side mirror?”

In addition to the missing mirror:

1. The missing front grill (I accidentally tapped a Cadillac)

2. The driver’s side DOOR HANDLE came off in my hand months ago. I now have to enter the vehicle via the passenger side. I can no longer valet the car and sometimes I take extra long when loading my groceries if there’s any people around who could witness how I get back in.

3. The cupholder is broken

4. The CD player recognized one in 7 CD’s I attempt to play

5. If I drive over 40 mph, my steering wheel shakes like the Dickens.

6. I was hit by a semi truck a while back and still haven’t repaird that damage either.

All that being said, I still was a little worried when parking for Langers yesterday, as the neighborhood is not ideal. The car still looks good from the right angle (aerial view)

We had planned on going to the LA Street Food Fest, but when we drove by and saw the line around the block, we quickly changed our minds.

The 30 minute line at Langer’s seemed miniscule in comarison.

Langers, open since 1947, was recently featured on the Food Network, so now it’s popularity has increased even more.

They sure know how to get you in and out there, however. We had our sandwiches within minutes of ordering.

We shared the world famous Pastrami with coleslaw and swiss (see above)

Langers 001

As well as an alternate pastrami with nippy cheese and sauerkraut. Nippy cheese is another way of saying American cheese, although we made endless jokes and were shocked when no one within earshot found Nipsey Russell cheese as funny as we did.


The bread was out of this world, lightly toasted so the crust was perfectly crips but you could still enjoy the soft heavenly pillow of rye. The pastrami was thick cut and extremely high quality.

Before we knew it, bits of pastrami coated the table and Chesty Morgan was quite grossed out. She does not believe in food leaving the plate. What a square!

704 S Alvarado St
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 483-8050


  • February 12, 2010 9:17 pm

California Pita #5 001

What is that, you ask?

Pickled cucumber and other veggies (stained with beet juice, I’m assuming. Or blood)

And they’re delicious!

These are one of the items you’ll find at California Pita #5’s sauce/toppings bar, featuring mediterranean salsa and some weird, tasty, green, spicy mush.

#5? Were there four other failed attempts? According to the bad reviews, most likely.

The guy that took my order looked like someone had just punched him in the stomach.

The lady that took my credit card, looked at me like I was the one that had done it. You should have seen the look on her face when I asked for extra pita!

She obviously misheard “your firstborn” in place of “pita”.

The falafal were pretty good. Regardless of the fact they looked like charcoal briquettes.

California Pita #5 002

They offered brown rice, which I appreciate. Plain white rice always reminds me of maggots. Even though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one besides that awful scene in “Poltergeist”.

The only complaint was the scant amount of hummus provided. I eat it by the bucketloads and I was through with my portion after the first few bites. Pish!

In other news, I had to fire someone yesterday. It was a truly awful experience. Especially since I really liked this person. When I found out by the HR lady that I had to be in the room during the event, my stomach dropped. Uh, that wasn’t the plan, stan!

I’ll never forget the first time I had to fire someone. I was manager of Pretzel Time in Silverdale, Washington. This was the big leagues. I was SOMEBODY.

I arrived to the shop to find an increasingly disappointing new employee hanging out in the back with his feet up on the desk, leaving the place unattended. Pretzels getting stale before my eyes. They weren’t going to sell themselves, sucka!

It was really tough firing him. He was completely baffled. And I felt like shit.

Similar to how I feel now.

242 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


  • February 11, 2010 12:17 am

The Surley Goat 005

This past Monday, we attended the soft opening of a new beer bar only blocks from my house. They’re featuring Kern River Brewing Company beer, which is owned by our friends Eric and Rebecca, who were visiting from the Kern.

As I surveyed the populous, I thought to myself that future Mondays would never see this many people again. They must have all been friends and family, hoping for some free beer, but bringing their wallets just in case.

They have about 24 hand-beers on tap, we tried about 10 of them, including Brown Sugga, the Velvet Merkin and a delicious Lychee sour beer. I’ve never tried a sour beer before and I’m a fan!

The Surley Goat 004

There is a possibly real goat’s head hanging above the bar. Other than that and “Planet of the Apes” playing on the TV, there isn’t much going on with the decor. But it’s casual, no attitude; a nice neighborhood addition.

The spot where The Surly Goat has taken over must be cursed, it’s been a hundred other failed bars before this one.

Good Luck, Surly Goat!

I give you six months.

The Surley Goat 001

7929 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 650-4628


  • February 8, 2010 9:35 pm

Gumbalaya - Super Bowl 001

Last Sunday I attended a New Orleans themed Super Bowl party.

Those who expressed an interest, were encouraged to enter the Gumbo/Jumbalaya cookoff. I chose to try my hand at Gumbo.

I spent most of Saturday researching recipes, shopping for the ingredients, blasting Reggae whilst chopping, sauteeing, roasting and roux making. It was quite labor intensive.

I’m also somewhat certain the soup’s temperature reached the danger zone at least three times (bacterium).

Sunday morning (7:30) I arrived at my sub shop (Santa Monica Subs) and prepared 15 footlong, delicious, gourmet subs for the party as well. Just in time to race home and realize I still had to make rice for the gumbo as well as my Banana Pudding Nilla Wafer dessert!

Gumbalaya - Super Bowl 003

I spent about an hour at my friend’s house, watching him burn two rounds of bacon for his BLT Potato Salad. He also was debating how long he really needed to cool the potatoes and eggs before adding his mayo sour cream mixture. Speaking of danger zone!

I left that mess to go make my first ever purchase of Instant Rice. Wow, I’m not entirely sure this is a food product!

I decided to take the easy way out and dump the rice in the gumbo, creating…Gumbalaya! Oops. Oh well, I still won the Cookoff!

The Super Bowl.

I’ll keep this part short.

It’s about eating and drinking and yelling and saying repeatedly “I actually want to watch the game this year, guys.”

I didn’t have my glasses, so I had to interpret the game by the decibel levels and take random gulps of my Hurricane.

The Saint’s won their first Super Bowl and I win boxes of food to take home.

“Someone take this pie home. No one even ate any!”

“Sander, take this half eaten jar of marachino cherries!”

“They make Reduced Fat Ruffles?? Sander!”

“I’m gonna throw away the rest of these weird baked beans. Wait, Sander take them home.”