Fresh Corn Grill 002

When I was a filthy younger man, I once neglected to wash my bed sheets for a very long time.

It sort of became a running joke. One, I am now embarrassed by.

Instead of washing them, I eventually just bought new sheets.

The cheapest I could find. Probably 30 thread count. With the option to purchase more threads as finances permitted.

I took the old sheets and lovingly hid them behind my friends couch.

The next morning I wake up to see them lying next to our apt. building’s pool.

There they sat for many weeks.

Whenever we hung out at the pool, we occasionally threw them on people who were relaxing in pool chairs.


One day, at a gathering at another apartment in our Melrose place-like building, I threw them on someone’s face.

As she pealed them off, she had a look of shock.

“They actually smell clean, Bun!”

Apparently, weeks of fresh air and sunshine had transformed the fetid, funeral linens into Four Seasons bedding!

God’s Fabreeze, if you will.

Let’s switch to food now that we all still have our appetites.

Fresh Corn Grill is a cute joint in Westwood that comfortably seats about 3 people. And a hundred others are hovering like vultures waiting for your table.

You have to arrive for lunch at 9 a.m. to avoid this.

Their thing is corn and grilling. How can you go wrong?

I had the Fresh Corn Grilled Salad (pic at top) and a side of the corn chowder.

Fresh Corn Grill 001

Light, healthy and delicious. They actually scrape the corn off the cob, as you’ll see the large chunks in all your food.

They put corn in everything.

I’m surprised there aren’t niblets floating in our water!

1510 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 470-0414