Please note, in the middle of the worst storm in the history of 2010, I still plan on braving the elements and paying good money to have food prepared for me.

Beginning Monday, you can look forward to musings on the following restaurants throughout the week:

Yen Sushi
Langer’s Deli
Sweet Love Hangover
Fresh Corn Grill

By the way…

I did something awful today.

Something despicable.

I stole from the blind.

I received a little donation request in the mail. It was chock-full of blank birthday cards, joyfully featuring leaping puppies and frolicking kittens (one had an old, crusty dog with a phone in it’s mouth)

I snatched them for myself and threw away the rest of the solicitation.

No retina surgeries for them!

How bad was that really?


I always steal the address labels that come with my quarterly Feed The Children mailing.

Do I ever use those labels? Uh, no.

Did I just purchase a golden ticket to Hell?

Uh, yes.