Larchmont Wine and Cheese

As an owner of a sub shop, I often find it necessary to check out the competition.

I don’t want to, I have to. It’s all research, people. I take no pleasure in constantly devouring all these delicious creations.

I believe that Larchmont (and Bay Cities Deli) closely resemble the sandwiches my delivery-only shop makes.

Which is why I must take them down. To Chinatown.

LVWSC is an uber-cute wine shop in the uber-wealthy Larchmont neighborhood. The surrounding homes are so large, they must be ingesting steroids and I really kind of hate anyone that is lucky enough to live there.

LVWSC makes gourmet sandwiches in the back, they have about 7 signature subs available. So far, I’ve loved all I’ve tried.


I, usually being a big piggy, can only finish half at a time.

The bread is nice and crusty and the meats are of high quality. (Pictured above is the Tuna, refreshingly NOT chunk light).

The servers usually look like they hate their life (and hate you) so don’t be offended when you spot their sour expressions.

Just be sure to knock over a bottle of wine in retaliation. When they try to make you pay for it, secretly insert a hair into your sandwich and demand a full refund.

Which is why I can never come back here.

233 N. Larchmont BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 856-8699