Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 005

Whosits? (As my dad would say)

Yes, it’s a fun (or obnoxious) name but it’s a fantastic, simple (by simple, I mean the decor, NOT the prices), hot spot filled with lots of annoying Hollywood types (except for us).

FYI, I don’t really like strangers, so please feel free to shallowly judge the crowd yourself.

I’ll admit, I’m no fun to go to sushi with. The only raw things I eat are in the tuna family.

No weird eggs, nothing that once resided in a shell, and nothing with tentacles, testicles or stethascopes.

Siegfried’s birthday dinner! Yeah!

She has the honor of having the most expensive group birthday dinner to date! Way to go!

This is her favorite sushi joint in LA. She comes from San Fran, so I do trust her restaurant judgment.

She likes all kinds of disgusting bottom dwellers and all forms of fungi, but I try to get past that.

After we all got our beer and sake (a sushi staple)….

Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 003

We ordered a bunch of crap for the table, thankfully all fish I like. I mean, it’s not my birthday, but wouldn’t Amy want her friends to be happy? 😉

We ordered your basic sushi. (I didn’t take the picture, don’t blame me for the grainy quality)

I said, don’t blame me!!!

Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 012

The cripsy rice was incredible. Unlike the blurry picture.

Hmm..the tuna looks like I chewed it up and spit it back on the plate. I promise you, I didn’t.

Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 009

Everything was all top notch. The Yellowtale was a bit fishy, but don’t listen to me. Everyone else devoured it.

Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 007

My favorite was the….wait a second, let me look it up online…

I couldn’t find it. I think it was Yellow Tail but they shaved truffles on top as we watched.

They shaved some extra for me so I could snap my photo. They knew better than to piss me off.

Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 013

What a steal for only $41 dollars!

For desert, we scarfed down a delicious triple berry shortcake from Sweet Lady Jane. The best bakery on the planet. The price of the cake equalled a tank of premium gasoline in a 22 gallon tank but it’s worth it.

Izaka-Ya - Amy's Birthday Dinner 018

On my way home, I encountered a police sobriety checkpoint. These things scare the shit out of me.

We were at the restaurant for 3 1/2 hours and I had stopped drinking well into the meal but you just never know.

Luckily they waved me in the fast lane and pulled almost everyone else over.

I found out later that Captain was pulled over but passed.


8420 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-9536