I’m off to Vegas today with five friends. We just want to get away from it all. I’m sure it will be similar to a Zen retreat.

My work was none too pleased that I requested the time off just 2 days ago. Oops. I’m an idiot. I apologize. I hope I don’t come back to a pink slip.

I’m a sucker for anticipation. I always find the planning of an event or trip, better than the actual trip.

Being so busy lately, I haven’t really had a chance to get fired up for Vegas. Hopefully, in this case, I am disappointed and the actual trip will be much more enjoyable than the anticipation.

As I plan on going to a few nice restaurants while I’m there, all my loyal fans can look forward to the first blog on Saturday. Please be patient. I know you’re clammering for more and I’m only one man.

Everyone have a fantastic New Years and I’ll see you in 2010!

You never know, the world could end on the stroke of midnight instead of 2012, just to throw us off.

We didn’t give the Mayans enough credit…