Bodega Louie 006

I felt like I was in NYC when I ate here last Wednesday before the Lady Gaga conert.

The place is a white, stark warehouse. Friendly waiters. Affordable prices.

There were actual humans walking outside, not just shivering, shaking crack addicts.

Sorry, I love to perpetuate the downtown stereotype.

Me and K.B. didn’t order anything groundbreaking and we shared everything.

That way the bottle of champagne would not be thwarted on its way into our systems.

We started with the obligatory golden beet salad, which I loved.

We saw someone order the Chicken Parmesean, so we followed suit. Very good, perfect amount for sharing (and caring).

This wasn’t the best pic I took of the dish, but I loved that it turned out kind of trippy. Like it was taken after a nuclear holocaust.

Bodega Louie 002

We ordered brussel sprouts which were awesome and a very light, simple Cesar Salad.

“You had a Caesar salad, Clarice. But not today” – Hannibal Lecter

Bodega Louie 001

Lady Gaga put on quite the show. I’ve never seen such visuals (or had such hearing loss).

If you are able to go, do, because it’s unforgettable.

Because of great connections, we were able to snag great seats (almost) up front and VIP passes.

The VIP passes did not mean backstage, nor did it mean free drinks.

This did not stop us from spending much of our time (and money) in the VIP section. Because, WE are VIP and that’s what we do.

700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(866) 418-9162