If I’m not blogging about a restaurant, I don’t usually like writing about anything unless a subject really hits me. Forces me to write about it.

I’m sitting here, early morning, the day after Christmas.

The presents have all been opened (and forgotten)

We’ve all eaten our guts out.

We’ve all seen A Christmas Story twice.

The thrill is gone.

Or did that leave when we became teenagers?

As adults, does anything really excite us anymore?

I remember, as a child, always feeling one of three extreme emotions:


Pissed Off

Scared to Death

Why do the latter feelings translate into adulthood but hardly anything ever excites us anymore?

I’ve done some pretty cool things in my life but in the end, my reaction to them as been pretty ho hum, compared to playing Hide and Go Seek.

Even when I walked inside the freaking Great Pyramid in Egypt or finished my first marathon, I wasn’t as excited as I was Christmas morning.

I was hit yesterday with how “thrill” leaves us as adults.

As I watch my niece and nephew open their presents and bounce around the room, I finally realize the meaning behind our forays into drugs, extreme sports and travel.

All of which have failed to bring out the same jubuliance I felt when I got to eat a sugary cereal for a change or the feeling of riding my bike.

I think even if I were to win the lottery, my neice would be more excited that she was able to fit that green shoe on her Barbie.

Very sad.

Merry Holidays everyone.

Bun Boy