9021 Pho 001

Vietnamese restaurants love cute punny names (they also love long walks on the beach). I’ve yet to visit Absolutely Phobulous, but want to – just for the name.

I would be willing to ignore the B Health Rating plastered proudly on their front door.

9021 Pho just opened in the old Jacopo’s pizza spot, which was another pizza place for a few seconds before becoming this place.

It must be a cursed spot, because the customer reviews suck!

But as I’m a fan of flashy packaging, I wanted to go regardless of a potential of rudeness and overpriced non-authentic dishes.

The vermicelli pork dish was excellent, very filling and the pork was crispy and crusty and burnt just slightly. Just enough to guarantee cancerous fragments are now floating aimlessly in my system.

9021 Pho 003

Our waitress was very nice and didn’t mind the 25 credit card pileup (always a sign of a good waitress when she doesn’t sigh heavily when presented with multiple forms of payment from a group).

The dishes were about $2 bucks above normal but oh well. We’re in Beverly Hills people, just deal with it..

It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than my 15 minute $260 dentist appointment down the road from 9021 Pho to fill in some invisible cracks than I’m sure weren’t even there.

490 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 275-7077