Peru 2009 237

This bland treat (god knows what flavor it was) was the root of my all my problems for about 2 full days.

Damn you Peruvian jello made from toilet water!

So, as you continue to read this chapter, please note there were about 134 bathroom breaks not accounted for. Fill in the blanks with your imagination, as this is a family blog!

Our next morning in Puno, we happened upon the Coca Museum and decided to enter, expecting to hear all sorts of sordid drug tales.

The lady at the counter asked us if we would like to see the museum. This struck me as odd. What the hell else would we be seeing? Clearly this museum is a front for something.

She led us to the main room of the tiny, two room museum and popped in a VHS tape showing local Peruvian dancing. But in between each segment, eerie new age music would play and someone would seductively drop coca leaves on the camera lense.

Here we are, fascinated*

*bored to tears

Peru 2009 230

However, we learned nothing about the actual history of the infamous coca leaf which is what is used to manufacture cocaine.

However, not all varieties of Coca leaf possess the cocaine alkaloid.

Peruvians put the coca leaf (which is high in Calcium, B Vitamins and Iron) in everything.

We eventually grew bored, ditched the video and headed to the coca section of the joint. We were feening.

The room, however, contained too many things we had to read.

What is this, school? Forget it, we’re outta here.

A.K. was now on a mission to obtain fresh coca leaves and chew on the them like the locals do, rendering his mouth numb. He bought this instead.

Peru 2009 228

We continued to wander the city, then we decided to relax at an outdoor cafe and have some beers.

Peru 2009 238

We ordered these delicious ham spring rolls with guacamole!

Peru 2009 239

This lady was positioned right outside our hotel. We bought lots of crap from her. Family, please note this is where some of your X-mas prezzies are coming from.

Peru 2009 241

I had a few cups of coca tea while we waited for everyone to gather for dinner. I felt very awake.

I had my first Alpaca meal. Alpaca is a very cute animal that looks just like a Llama and tastes like a pork chop!

Peruvians sell clothing made of it’s fur. It’s kind of their thing.

Peru 2009 246

Some of the group ordered the Peruvian delicacy, GUINEA PIG!

Peru 2009 248

It tasted like a mix of Duck, Rabbit and, of course, Rat.

There is hardly any meat on this thing, kind of a waste.

Notice the tastful presentation, with a respectful crown of cucumber!

Thank god they left the teeth!

Peru 2009 250

We headed to a bar afterwards and hung out. Nothing crazy happened. Sorry.

Peru 2009 256

On our way home, we noticed this illegal use of random celebrities to promote a dentist office. I hope these ladies are getting the royalties due them!

Peru 2009 257

The next morning, we head out on a 7 hour bus ride (with a highly questionable bathroom, the ground was covered in “water” and the sink filled with someone’s vomit. A most pleasant place to spend one’s afternoon)

On the way, we took unimpressive pictues of scenery (unless you have an amazing camera, most scenery pics turn out dull. You just have to be there)

Peru 2009 261

Peru 2009 264

Peru 2009 266

We ended up at the Women’s Weaving Project. A little village where you could watch women make the Alpaca crap and where Captain purchased one of everything.

We also got to stand next to (but not pet, for fear of rabies, skin diseases, ect.)

Here’s an Alpaca Face Off!

Peru 2009 268

Weave, women, weave!!

Peru 2009 269

An Alpaca Meatloaf.

Peru 2009 271

Cute. And tasty.

Peru 2009 273

We landed in the Sacred Valley to the town of Ollantaytambo or something like that.

Or as Captain called it “Olleyantailtangoasdrfasdfljkasdflk”

Peru 2009 279

Incan Terraces

Peru 2009 287

More of the same.

Peru 2009 289

Group shot!

Peru 2009 291

When we stopped for lunch at this very nice restaurant is where my diahrrea started. Oh my.

Here is a picture of some amazing onion soup. Insert my running to the bathroom here.

Peru 2009 295

A delicious buffet (Jimmy Buffet). Insert another bathroom trip here.

Peru 2009 296

This is a Vicuna.

A miniature Llama/Alpaca who’s fur makes scarves that cost $1200 US Dollars! Huh?? Captain, put this thing in your purse, we’ll be rich!

Peru 2009 299

They can only be shorn every three years, that’s why the fur is so expensive. You’re welcome for that tidbit.

Below is a cute parrot that would squak “Hola!” upon our exit.

Of course, I was in such pain from my frequent bathroom trips, I could have cared less. Although those feathers would have made some pretty soft toilet paper…

Peru 2009 300

Until Monday, where we start the infamous, 4 day Andes hike, THE INCA TRAIL