Thanksgiving 2009 003

Every year Captain hosts a large early Thanksiving celebration at her home as most folks are out of town for the actual holiday. It’s the best time.

Several of us will be hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu (Peru) during actual Thanksgiving. (I will not be updating my blog during my trip – deal with it)

This year my duty was to prepare stuffing for 40 people!

This was as costly as it was labor intensive! Who knew bread crumbs could cost $140 bucks!

As I slaved for 5 hours over a hot stove (I always feel awful using that word) I blasted Reggae on the music channel on the TV and kept running to the store buying single forgotten ingredients at a time. Most frustrating.

The party was a hit. Lots of wine and vanilla vodka and OJ was consumed. Someone vomited IN THEIR OWN SHOE!

Needless to say, she opted to spend the night.

Someone busted this delicious treat out at the end of the night.

Thanksgiving 2009 004

Lots of food was consumed, but only half of my Sausage Cornbread stuffing. There is literally about 20 pounds worth left over.

Please, come over and help yourself. The key is under the mat.