Cobras and Matadors 007

I think this is one of the best named restaurants in LA. I’ve wanted to witness these snakes and bull fighters since I moved to LA 9 years ago, but just have never got around to it.

I was too busy always going to El Coyote, across the street from it.

Our usually large Insurance Dinners dwindled down to three lonely, bitter souls this evening. It was a nice change.

It’s BYOBooze at C&M, which helps keep the costs down since they don’t charge a corkage fee!

As this is cute and simple Spanish tapas joint, we ordered a bunch of the small plates.

Nicole Kidman said she wanted to marry the bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed dates.

Cobras and Matadors 009
(do you like my sexy candle shots?)

She actually told the waiter this, who promptly fetched a minister.

After the short but lovely ceremony, we devoured many items, including Speck on Toast (pictured above) fried potatoes, an amazing Mushroom Risotto (yes, I despise mushrooms but this was awesome)

a Beet and (smeared) Blue cheese salad
Cobras and Matadors 005

Asparagus with Parmesean
Cobras and Matadors 004

All were your standard, tasty Spanish fare. Nothing over the top yummsville but everything solid.

Except for the contents of our colon from all the cheese.

What? Sorry, that was quite uncalled for.

We drank our wine and champage out of miniature glasses, bitched and moaned about work and The Wiser’s love life.

When old boyfriends show up on your doorstep years after breaking up with you, apparantly it can be quite jarring.

7615 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 932-6178