1739 Public House 001

I can’t quite put my finger on this place.

Is it a pub, a restaurant, a sports bar? I guess it’s all three!

Located in Los Feliz on colorful Vermont street, 1739 Public House is a relaxed, casual and fun…whatever.

Fu Manchu’s brother B.O.B. (an expert firefighter) was in town and instead of going to In and Out and then driving directly home as Fu suggested, we thought we’d avoid such intense fun and frolic and hit a place with dozens of imported beers on tap!

And the food is cheap as chips! There was nothing over $9 bucks and they had steak, mac and cheese and shephard’s pie on the menu!

All of which we ordered.

I did notice my mac and cheese was only $1 more dollar than my delicious IPA.

The shephard’s pie was really good, heavy on the potatoes however. Which I’m fine with.

1739 Public House 003

Hmm…I don’t remember there being a layer of cheese on top…but I’m sure there was. It looks like some eyeless, circular monster with a severed gaping maw…not unlike this boy’s mouth:

gaping maw

The Mac and cheese…

By the way, I just went to the bathroom (I’m at work, on a break of course) and the same guy has been sitting in there for 20 minutes. Either, he’s deep in thought or we need to get some CSI in there.

Ok, back to the Mac. It was essentially Kraft mac and cheese with some cheddar melted on top.

Now, that doesn’t mean I would kick it out of bed!

I ate it gladly and it was mighty fine. I even ate it’s leftovers IN bed, this morning. After spending a good 5 minutes blotting out the grease first.

B.O.B. and Tenille spent about 20 minutes in front of the juke box looking for anything familiar. Apparently all the big hits (from such current recording artists like Poison and Journey) were not available.

All in all, we had a great time! 1739 Public House is a great, neighborhoody joint and I walked out realizing I had accidentally GREATLY under tipped.

1739 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-1739