Jack Sprats 002

Bun Boy is back!

Please forgive me if I suck at being funny at first.

I’ve been working very, very hard on my new business and we’re having our soft open Monday! More details to come once we are fully operational AND IF MY HEAD HASN’T COMPLETELY SPUN OFF.

Because of all this stress, I hadn’t eaten out all week.

This is a first for me.

It was a drought of epic proportions. I needed sustenance.

So, what did I order at my first lunch out with Clyde at the whimsically named Jack Sprats?

A salad.

I’ve obviously become rusty at this.

It was a vegetarian Mediterranean salad with hummus, olives, tomatoes, cukes with toasted pita slices. Very tasty.

Looking at the picture, I’m shocked at the ghostly light that surrounds my meal as it was pretty damn dark in that restaurant. Clearly it was the god’s shining down and blessing my meal.

Did it fill me up? Sort of. If you take into consideration I peed it all out 30 minutes later.

Thankfully there were soft pretzels with various mustards that came before the meal!

I mean, I probably would have fainted right then and there if it weren’t for those slightly stale, freezer-burned little guys.

Jack Sprats 001PRETZE

10668 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 837-6662