Warszawa 002

Growing up, I remember hearing Polack jokes and never getting them. Were they funny, even in their heyday? I don’t even know what a Polish person is supposed to be made fun of for. Are they supposed to be stupid or ugly?

Thankfully, that stereotype was never instilled by my family. Although, it could have been the fact that I had not even met an openly Polish person until I moved to LA.

I’m sure if they were around my home town (I feel so odd writing “they”) they surely would have been made fun of. That’s what people do. They make fun of others.

And stop calling me surely.

It’s Thursday Night Super Club again (nerd alert) and Jimmy Dean chose something on his end of town. I don’t know if I’ve given him another nickname before. This is his new one. I have no clue why. So, Tinkerbell joined us along with good ole Tenille.

Warszawa (the real way of saying Warsaw) is like stepping into a Polish grandmother’s house. Not yours. Someone else’s. It’s like they cleared the living room of furniture and made the family sleep in the closets while customers came to eat in their stuffy but cute living space. (“Living Spaces!”)

While we wiped the sweat off our brows, we enjoyed our meal of Pirogies. Lots of Pirogies. Delicious, fried pillows of potatoes, meat and cheese. There’s really nothing wrong with any of that, I dare anyone to say differently.

I started with an amazing split pea soup. The sole reason I ordered it was I knew the rest of the dining party would be splitting the bill and I was getting it for $1 buck!

It’s the recession after all, sneaky tactics are necessary for survival!

The service here was SUPER slow. But everyone was nice and the food was excellent so all was forgiven. That and they had lots of great dipping sauces.

I should open a restaurant that ONLY served bread and dipping sauces. Please do NOT steal that idea. I WILL pursue legal action.