The Point 002

Actually, there’s no point.

Don’t bother unless you work next door to this weekday-only lunch spot located on a section of National blvd that’s a Mad Max like construction zone.

You won’t find parking easily as their side of the road is completely blocked off. We had to illegally park in a Storage facility where, most likely, Hannibal Lecter stores his bodies.

I had seen on the menu this amazing sounding Ham and Cheese sandwich on Pretzel Bread. Pretzel Bread! How good does that sound? (I just channeled Rachael Ray, I apologize)

The sandwich did not disappoint (although, I wished it had been hot and NOT CONTAINING THE CURLY BLACK HAIR WE FOUND IN IT)

However, the service did disappoint.

I mean, the gal at the register was nice and all. BUT SO DAMN SLOW.

I swear her first time laying eyes on the cash register was during her shift today! She was the slowest person on earth. But very nice, as previously mentioned.

Another lady was helping take orders further down the line, but that was it. She completely ignored the finished sandwiches piling up, waiting to be distributed to the pissed off customers.

As I waited in line for almost 30 minutes, I saw the gathering queue of utterly irritated patrons, sighing heavily and looking at non-existent watches. I soon became one of them.

the point line

The thing that pissed me off the most, as long as the line was, was there were more people in the kitchen waiting for something to do!

Thank god the only weapon I was carrying was my camera!

Now, for what my friend Nancy ordered.

The idea of a fresh fish tuna salad sandwich revolts me. I want good old fashioned canned tuna if it’s going to be mixed with mayonnaise.

That way you avoid finding an enormous FISH BONE in your tuna melt.

Didn’t they know who I was? Didn’t they realize the celebrity that is Bun Boy and his ability to make or break any restaurant in town?? Clearly not.

8522 National Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 836-8400