Vinoteque 001

My friends Howler, Korbel and I walked to Vinoteque, a new wine bar on Melrose. We sat in the courtyard and enjoyed some wine and some small-portioned food.

Both of my choices were TASTE, the cheese stuffed lamb meatballs and the goat cheese, beat salad. Were they adequate to soak up all the wine we embibed? Not so much.

vinoteque meatball

Then, Howler broker her wine glass…

Vinoteque 003

…and we decided we should leave.

So, we headed to one of my favorite bars in LA, the Snake Pit! I guess this used to be a scary spot back in the day, but now upstanding, self-respecting folks can do Irish Car Bombs in peace.

Which we did.

Vinoteque 004

We literally downed our car bombs, paid the bill and continued walking….

I’ll leave the rest of the evening up to your imaginations…

Vinoteque 005

7469 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(310) 860-6060