Irish Times

The Irish Times is NOT a restaurant. It’s a bar. A divey, dive bar that happens to serve freshly microwaved foods, some incorporating the Irish theme.

The above creation is a Shephard’s Pie. I don’t think that’s even Irish. But it was served PIPING HOT.

So hot, it’s temperature removed a layer of skin from the roof of my mouth.

Thankfully the Irish Car Bombs cooled down the fire.

And as you can clearly see, I had a full serving of vegetables for the day.

Hmm…the pic looks like an upside down foot frozen in a sea of cheesy ice.

All that being said, it was taste. TASTE. I’m trying to trademark that. Feel free to start using it when something is REALLY good.

TASTE! Use it in a sentence today.

That’s all. I’ve created enough genius for now…

3267 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 559-9648