Wurstkuche 001

What is happening with LA’s Skid Row area?? First Main street with the Nickel Diner and Little Tokyo, which I guess has always been there seems to be more happening than ever. It’s the new Silverlake but with less skinny jeans!

When an unusual restaurant opens in LA, everyone flocks because deep down we’re bored. Ok, not so deep. This is LA, after all.

Verst-Coochuh is a hot beer and sausage spot located in a secret Artists District enclave near 3rd and Alameda.

(In case you were wondering, it’s NOT pronounced Worst Cooch)

After you coil through the Disneyland sized line you pass by a deli case showing you Wurstkuche’s wears. And they’re all stuffed in casing.

Now, for me, the idea of a hot dog is always better than the reality. Let’s face it, they’re almost guaranteed to give me Montezuma’s. I usually avoid them.

It was our Thursday supper club when our group tries a new and fun restaurant and the Dodgers just won their first game in a series with the Cardinals. Sparks were in the air.

I still did not expect the atmosphere here. Like a fun, trendy high school cafeteria! With loud music that the lunch lady would not approve of.

I ordered the Alligator and Pork Andouille Sausage and the Sante Fe Jack and Jalapeno Turkey sausage (I didn’t order fries, but snatched some from a friend = make sure to order these!!!! Thick and crispy!)

The Alligator tasted exactly what I would figure it would taste like. A leather handbag.

The casing was very tough to chew threw. I expected to find a case of lipstick or a cell phone when my teeth finally broke through.

Wurstkuche 002

I didn’t love it, but I covered it in mustard.

The Sante Fe one was delicious and the bun was awesome, one of those really high quality buns.

Not the kind you grab last minute at the liquor store that have been sitting on the shelf for a few years waiting for some jerk like you who needs to bring something to a bbq last minute.

Wurstkuche 003

800 E 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 687-4444