Curious Palate 003

Curious that a place like this stays open, it’s too fancy to be located next to a sex club and a pawn shop.

I always feel sorry for these little ma and pa places that try so hard and make all their stuff from scratch then go under in 6 months.

The least I can do is grace them with my presence once before they fold and the owner robs a bank before attempting suicide.

I ordered the meatloaf burger. The bun was brioche. Uh oh. Too fancy? Not in this case. It didn’t fall apart, which I was expecting. And if it happened, I would have thrown it against the nearest wall.

Oh, and the meatloaf had this sunken in bacon strip covering. Yes and Yes!

It came with this fantastic potato salad with fresh green beans in a light dill vinaigrette, which was very tasty.

We also got a small order of their mac and cheese. Piping hot, perfectly creamy, noodles looked like shriveled human lips and it was G-D GOOD!

Curious Palate 002

12034 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 437-0144

UPDATE: I don’t that’s bacon, I think it was ketchup and onions. Hey, it was dark, I couldn’t see clearly!