Have you ever walked by people engaged in a conversation so boring, you thank your lucky stars you aren’t a part of it?

I was walking along Venice Beach this morning and a very large group of marathon runners happened by and I was subjected to the likes of: “So, after I get my bachelors degree…” and “You know what my favorite thing at Trader Joe’s is right now?…”

I’m sure these hot topics of convo are all very fascinating to the listeners as they actually know (and hopefully like) the person who is droning on and on.

I just don’t think I like people.

Wow, that wasn’t too tough to admit.

Here’s my philosophy on people. They mostly fall into three categories:




Now, the ones that don’t, you can call friends.

Although, we all know people who’s friendship’s we wish we could get out of. Like a cell phone contract.

And then, there are those lucky folks that embody all three characteristics. A trifecta of awfulness.

Those triple threat folks make our lives more enjoyable because they give us someone to make fun of.

Thank God for those people! Without them, I would have zero personality.

So, the next time someone is telling you about their cat (even though you haven’t seen the cat and you are an animal lover; you kind of want to kill it to prevent future updates) and you begin yawning, just realize that they’re providing a special service.

You can tell everyone they know how boring they are, making yourself feel so much better in the process.

It’s the circle of life.