The only thing that was on fire was the temperament of the wait staff at Melrose on Fire.

They, let’s just say, didn’t love us.

We (a group of about ten of us) were at Melrose on Fire (a Kosher grill) for a birthday; everyone (a good percentage of us, Jewish) was drinking beers and unnecessarily expensive kosher wine.

This was not a bar yet we treated it as such. And I feel we were punished for it.

Pretty, ain’t it?

Menu items included grilled chicken, lamb with sides such as hummus, baba ganoush and Israeli salads and schwarma’s (a word the menu couldn’t agree on a spelling for)

My Lamb schwarma was very good. I’m not 100% sure it was 100% Lamb, but the meat of whatever animal was killed was juicy and flavorful. Plus, the pita was excellent..

It was $10 bucks.

The bill, per person however, was $50 bucks.

How on earth did that happen??

Kosher wine, unending beers and a few extra spitefully added charges to our bill from the manager.

The same manager who rushed over, after us realizing how much we owed, and insisted they forgot to the put the food on the bill.

Uh…..yeah you did, sir. You just labeled every single food and drink item on the receipt as “Appetizer”

I don’t think they liked that we made fun of that.

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