I had my lunch plans already. I had a sensible can of Progresso soup. I had some old tuna salad. Why on earth would I drop everything for a last minute request.

Cuz I’m a slave to the blog.

If someone wants to eat out somewhere new, I’m in. I have no control. I can’t say no.

I feel the uncontrollable need to post a blog every single day. For your benefit, devoted readers, not mine.

Good ole Beverly Hills.

I seem to eat out in this poverty stricken LA suburb quite often, due to it’s proximity to my workplace.

This means, however, that a simple Pad Thai lunch special that should be $6.99 ends up costing $21 a person. Hmm..I did splurge and order that diet coke….

Don’t get me wrong, the food was delicious and the service was efficient and friendly.

I wanted to order something else but the Pad Thai is a good indication of how good a Thai restaurant is and plus, I wanted to order something as equally expensive as Clyde was ordering so we could split the bill evenly.

Petty? Correct. Tom Petty.

9198 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 271-9345