Welcome to Cape Cod in LA.

Right across the street from the gorgeous Westside Pavilion shopping mall. 😉

Colony is really nice to look at, looks just like a colonial white house with dark blue shutters and floral print chairs and at least three men wearing pink striped shirts.

No joke. I counted three of them. They were accompanied by a gentlemen wearing a blue striped shirt. I bet HE felt like the jerk.

I should have ordered a sandwich. I spent the rest of the meal coveting the Bread Guy’s delicious and enormous warm chicken sandwich on a crispy wide loaf.

I’m sure that the bread is not called a “wide loaf”. But that’s what it looked like. Get over it.

I’m going to steal a picture online cuz the place itself is more of a treat then the food. Then again, I had a run of the mill salad (which was still tasty) but the sandwich looked better.

Damn, can anyone take a good picture?? Clearly not. Just visit the freaking website, there are pictures there.

Let’s see…did anything funny or weird happen….not really. I could lie and say I almost choked on a lettuce leaf or clump of chicken, which would be plausible due to my intense speed of consumption.

10937 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2117
(310) 470-8909