I don’t know who Victor is, but I think I would dig him, at least judging by his sandwiches.

Victor Jr.’s is a basic deli located across the street from Sony Studios. It’s run by a bunch of dudes serving “Dude Food”. You won’t see many smiles, but you won’t come across a bitchy attitude either.

A guy in baggy jeans will bring you your awesome sandwich or slice of pizza and you’ll eat it in three seconds, not minding his t-shirt is covered in profanities.

Dudes know sandwiches and pizza, so it makes sense. There are no foofy, pretentious ingredients here. Just the basics. They have some vegetarian options but it’s just your basic veggies. No artichokes or sun chokes or anything else that can be choked.

(Of course I had to double check the menu just now to make sure I wasn’t lying)

This is a no frills place that even a non dude can appreciate it.

Hey, there was a big flat screen TV playing “Who wants to be a Millionaire” when it could easily have been playing Monday Night Football. See? Something for the ladies.

Oh, so now to talk about what we actually ate.

The Bread Guy and I ordered sandwiches. For research. I won’t say why yet. All that is forthcoming.

I had the sausage and peppers – excellent – the bread was perfectly toasted, not too much bread innards going on.

BG had the Italian which had a bit too much olive oil splattered on it, but I guess there could be worse things than your sandwich being drenched in a heart healthy oil.

Although, does an oil continue to be healthy when consumed by the cupful?

I say yes.

10113 Washington BVLD
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-8900