I have a confession to make.

An embarrasing one.

Someone lent me the first season of the television show “Felicity” on DVD and I’ve been watching it.

And now have come to realize, it’s the most boring show that ever aired on TV!!

I don’t get it.

The characters are the most dull and mousy people I’ve ever seen. Mousy to the core. LL Bean.com!

And Felicity’s character is the worst. Felicity, if you didn’t know the backstory, appears to be playing a reincarnated 74 year old librarian.

Felicity takes everything personally. Overreacts tearfully about everything. Something slightly annoying happens, like coffee spilling, and she goes into hiding like she just got her period for the first time!

What would the world be like if we were in Felicity’s edgy, dark world? Where we fell into a catatonic state everytime someone forgot to say “Please” and “Thank you”

It takes an entire episode for Felicity to deal with the most earthshattering of crisis. And by crisis, I mean an entire episode to deal with an English exam, to deal with the case of a missing brown jacket, wondering what a certain kiss means and an episode to deal with a hair cut.

So little happens during this show, I found myself peering over at paint drying on the wall, feeling I was missing out on some action there.

Oh sorry, I’m confused. What I actually meant was there was an episode where Felicity painted her dorm room.

And just now Felicity is helping throw a wild, racous college party where she’s holding a two litter bottle of Sprite and standing next to an actual punch bowl the entire time! Little did Felicity, her lips red and moist from the fruit punch she’d been guzzling, know that the party was really her intervention!

I can’t believe that I’m now forced to finish the entire season cuz I’m already invested. I HATE THIS BORING ASS SHOW!!!

Shoot, it’s on, I gotta run!