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  • October 28, 2009 12:52 am

big belly

For the first time since May, I’m taking some time off from eating out

(A week, that is)

I’ve gone too far.

I’ve eaten too much.

See you next Monday after Halloween for the next shocking update.

Love and sloppy kisses,

Bun Boy


  • October 27, 2009 3:40 am

I’ve had a really busy weekend and a day from hell so instead of jabbering on, I’ll just show a few pics from the Day of the Dead festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Good tacos. Nuff said.

Day of the Dead Festival 2009 020Day of the Dead Festival 2009 017Day of the Dead Festival 2009 016Day of the Dead Festival 2009 013Day of the Dead Festival 2009 012Day of the Dead Festival 2009 010Day of the Dead Festival 2009 005


  • October 23, 2009 2:32 pm

Warszawa 002

Growing up, I remember hearing Polack jokes and never getting them. Were they funny, even in their heyday? I don’t even know what a Polish person is supposed to be made fun of for. Are they supposed to be stupid or ugly?

Thankfully, that stereotype was never instilled by my family. Although, it could have been the fact that I had not even met an openly Polish person until I moved to LA.

I’m sure if they were around my home town (I feel so odd writing “they”) they surely would have been made fun of. That’s what people do. They make fun of others.

And stop calling me surely.

It’s Thursday Night Super Club again (nerd alert) and Jimmy Dean chose something on his end of town. I don’t know if I’ve given him another nickname before. This is his new one. I have no clue why. So, Tinkerbell joined us along with good ole Tenille.

Warszawa (the real way of saying Warsaw) is like stepping into a Polish grandmother’s house. Not yours. Someone else’s. It’s like they cleared the living room of furniture and made the family sleep in the closets while customers came to eat in their stuffy but cute living space. (“Living Spaces!”)

While we wiped the sweat off our brows, we enjoyed our meal of Pirogies. Lots of Pirogies. Delicious, fried pillows of potatoes, meat and cheese. There’s really nothing wrong with any of that, I dare anyone to say differently.

I started with an amazing split pea soup. The sole reason I ordered it was I knew the rest of the dining party would be splitting the bill and I was getting it for $1 buck!

It’s the recession after all, sneaky tactics are necessary for survival!

The service here was SUPER slow. But everyone was nice and the food was excellent so all was forgiven. That and they had lots of great dipping sauces.

I should open a restaurant that ONLY served bread and dipping sauces. Please do NOT steal that idea. I WILL pursue legal action.


  • October 22, 2009 12:56 am

Bay Cities Deli 002

Aww….the sandwich pinnacle of Los Angeles….

Bay Cities, a tiny hotbox crammed with multitudes of humans waiting ages for their numbers to be called by a bunch of “No Soup for You!” sammie makers at an auctioneers pace.

People come here from all over the city. I, myself, was one of them today.

My lunch trip took one hour and that was just to pick up the sandwich I ordered online and bring it back to the office.

The Bay Cities “Godmother” Italian sandwich is infamous, I’ve ordered that enough times for a lifetime. This time I ordered the spicy Sopressata (dry cured salami)

Here are the two things people rave the most about: the Bread and the Peppers.

You can choose either a hot or mild pickled pepper salad for your sandwich. Therein lies most of the flavor.

I’ve realized over time that the bread is not all that.

Sure, it’s tasty.

But can I bite through the crust with my precious veneers? Sadly, no.

I must eat my sandwich with a knife and fork, pathetically squeezing all of the contents out, graphically, only to recreate mini sandwiches using the spilled carnage.

They put so much Italian dressing on the sandwich that the bottom layer becomes like bread pudding.

Bay Cities Deli 003 HALF SANDWICH

The combo of super duper crusty top layer and sog-city bottom layer = a thousand napkins used (a thousand pardons).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great sandwich. But eat it there if you can find a spot. And I mean a parking spot AND a spot to sit. Both are equally challenging and could cause one to go postal in the attempt.

Park illegally in the Ralph’s parking lot across the street and give the parking lot security guy the bird, confidently knowing he won’t be able to tow you before you get back!

1517 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401-2776
(310) 395-8279





  • October 21, 2009 1:42 am

What a night.

It all started out at work. I received a call saying an acquaintance of mine had JUST DIED at my apartment building!!

I was in shock.

I won’t go into any details, but it essentially was an overdose of liquid Vocodin. I’ve never heard of Vicodin in that form until I saw him holding the very large bottle a few days before saying his doctor had prescribed him TWO of them for the surgery he just had.

If we only knew….

Very, very sad.

Hours after I received the call, Nancy and I went to see the new horror movie “Paranormal Activity”

Oh boy. Not the best timing. It was a freaky movie. On several levels considering the prior unfortunate event.

I arrived home to the Coroner’s van and a few cop cars blocking our street. Reality was creeping in.

I walked in to see the cops speaking with everyone while his body lay in the apartment waiting for the family to arrive. Quite morbid, I walked upstairs to avoid the oppressive scene.

Moments later myself and some friends were on the road to Pasadena to have dinner at Green Street and then head to the Old Town Haunt, a haunted house attraction to amp ourselves up for the pending macabre holiday.

I love Halloween. I can’t even describe how much.

Green Street is an upscale but reasonably priced joint with a nice outdoor patio.

I ordered the meatloaf sandwich with Asiago cheese. The cheese was overpowering and unnecessary but overall a tasty sandwich.

(The second half of this sandwich was later left in the trunk of my car overnight to rot and stink it up.)

Green Street - Pasadena 002

Bonnie’s salad was enormous and set inside a bowl the size of a flying saucer. Not a model one, an actual sized one.

We also ordered some very odd tasting nachos to start. Clyde would not stop eating them, even though he kept complaining how full he was and still had an unfinished meal in front of him.

Green Street - Pasadena nachos

The haunted house was very entertaining. As we waited in the VIP line to enter, a man dressed up as an insane clown killer was scraping a shovel against the pavement, which made the most obnoxious sound, to entice passersby to the attraction.

There was essentially a monster or ghoul around every corner of the maze ready to scare us. I made sure to jump out and attempt to scare them first. It worked…sometimes.

We had to crawl on our hands at a certain point in a pitch black tunnel. This was the freakiest part.

I refused to continue as the “sucker in front” at a certain point, knowing that some creepy crawly would touch my head and accidentally get my fist in his face, which I believe is frowned upon.

I did not look forward coming home that night. The building was dark and quiet. I walked by the room where he had died and noticed through the window that the mattress had been removed.

The cigarettes he had been offering to everyone in a Vicodin-induced haze days before, lay next to the bed on a table surrounded by a few pairs of shoes.

Truly awful.

Rest in Peace, FM.


  • October 20, 2009 2:34 am

The Point 002

Actually, there’s no point.

Don’t bother unless you work next door to this weekday-only lunch spot located on a section of National blvd that’s a Mad Max like construction zone.

You won’t find parking easily as their side of the road is completely blocked off. We had to illegally park in a Storage facility where, most likely, Hannibal Lecter stores his bodies.

I had seen on the menu this amazing sounding Ham and Cheese sandwich on Pretzel Bread. Pretzel Bread! How good does that sound? (I just channeled Rachael Ray, I apologize)

The sandwich did not disappoint (although, I wished it had been hot and NOT CONTAINING THE CURLY BLACK HAIR WE FOUND IN IT)

However, the service did disappoint.

I mean, the gal at the register was nice and all. BUT SO DAMN SLOW.

I swear her first time laying eyes on the cash register was during her shift today! She was the slowest person on earth. But very nice, as previously mentioned.

Another lady was helping take orders further down the line, but that was it. She completely ignored the finished sandwiches piling up, waiting to be distributed to the pissed off customers.

As I waited in line for almost 30 minutes, I saw the gathering queue of utterly irritated patrons, sighing heavily and looking at non-existent watches. I soon became one of them.

the point line

The thing that pissed me off the most, as long as the line was, was there were more people in the kitchen waiting for something to do!

Thank god the only weapon I was carrying was my camera!

Now, for what my friend Nancy ordered.

The idea of a fresh fish tuna salad sandwich revolts me. I want good old fashioned canned tuna if it’s going to be mixed with mayonnaise.

That way you avoid finding an enormous FISH BONE in your tuna melt.

Didn’t they know who I was? Didn’t they realize the celebrity that is Bun Boy and his ability to make or break any restaurant in town?? Clearly not.

8522 National Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 836-8400


  • October 17, 2009 2:23 pm

Vinoteque 001

My friends Howler, Korbel and I walked to Vinoteque, a new wine bar on Melrose. We sat in the courtyard and enjoyed some wine and some small-portioned food.

Both of my choices were TASTE, the cheese stuffed lamb meatballs and the goat cheese, beat salad. Were they adequate to soak up all the wine we embibed? Not so much.

vinoteque meatball

Then, Howler broker her wine glass…

Vinoteque 003

…and we decided we should leave.

So, we headed to one of my favorite bars in LA, the Snake Pit! I guess this used to be a scary spot back in the day, but now upstanding, self-respecting folks can do Irish Car Bombs in peace.

Which we did.

Vinoteque 004

We literally downed our car bombs, paid the bill and continued walking….

I’ll leave the rest of the evening up to your imaginations…

Vinoteque 005

7469 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(310) 860-6060


  • October 16, 2009 2:25 am

Pho Citi 003 sammi


I love me some Vietnamese! Food, that is.

This inexpensive, 24 hour spot in a strip mall in Westwood is da spot!

Have you ever had a Vietnamese sandwich? Well, you should. Now, please. I’ll wait.

Just remove the hair that comes with it before devouring.

When my friend spotted the long dark strand popping out of my sandwich and pointed it out to the server, I immediately assumed it would come back to me seconds later, hair pulled out and freshly sneezed on.

Well, we got a fresh new sandwich, folks! We could tell cuz the bread was different. Now, that is class!


The bread was both light and cripsy.

I mean, for only $5 bucks, you can’t beat it!! I want one every day. Please.

Oh, I ordered these spring rolls. They were good, the tofu was actually really tasty. And I don’t normally like that shit! Excuse my Vietnamese.

Pho Citi 001

1834 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 446-8070


  • October 15, 2009 2:58 am

Irish Times

The Irish Times is NOT a restaurant. It’s a bar. A divey, dive bar that happens to serve freshly microwaved foods, some incorporating the Irish theme.

The above creation is a Shephard’s Pie. I don’t think that’s even Irish. But it was served PIPING HOT.

So hot, it’s temperature removed a layer of skin from the roof of my mouth.

Thankfully the Irish Car Bombs cooled down the fire.

And as you can clearly see, I had a full serving of vegetables for the day.

Hmm…the pic looks like an upside down foot frozen in a sea of cheesy ice.

All that being said, it was taste. TASTE. I’m trying to trademark that. Feel free to start using it when something is REALLY good.

TASTE! Use it in a sentence today.

That’s all. I’ve created enough genius for now…

3267 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 559-9648


  • October 14, 2009 12:53 pm

Wurstkuche 001

What is happening with LA’s Skid Row area?? First Main street with the Nickel Diner and Little Tokyo, which I guess has always been there seems to be more happening than ever. It’s the new Silverlake but with less skinny jeans!

When an unusual restaurant opens in LA, everyone flocks because deep down we’re bored. Ok, not so deep. This is LA, after all.

Verst-Coochuh is a hot beer and sausage spot located in a secret Artists District enclave near 3rd and Alameda.

(In case you were wondering, it’s NOT pronounced Worst Cooch)

After you coil through the Disneyland sized line you pass by a deli case showing you Wurstkuche’s wears. And they’re all stuffed in casing.

Now, for me, the idea of a hot dog is always better than the reality. Let’s face it, they’re almost guaranteed to give me Montezuma’s. I usually avoid them.

It was our Thursday supper club when our group tries a new and fun restaurant and the Dodgers just won their first game in a series with the Cardinals. Sparks were in the air.

I still did not expect the atmosphere here. Like a fun, trendy high school cafeteria! With loud music that the lunch lady would not approve of.

I ordered the Alligator and Pork Andouille Sausage and the Sante Fe Jack and Jalapeno Turkey sausage (I didn’t order fries, but snatched some from a friend = make sure to order these!!!! Thick and crispy!)

The Alligator tasted exactly what I would figure it would taste like. A leather handbag.

The casing was very tough to chew threw. I expected to find a case of lipstick or a cell phone when my teeth finally broke through.

Wurstkuche 002

I didn’t love it, but I covered it in mustard.

The Sante Fe one was delicious and the bun was awesome, one of those really high quality buns.

Not the kind you grab last minute at the liquor store that have been sitting on the shelf for a few years waiting for some jerk like you who needs to bring something to a bbq last minute.

Wurstkuche 003

800 E 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 687-4444