It all started out as a harmless wine tasting at Thelma and Louises house. Fine cheeses, good chocolates, fresh strawberries…

…until we finished the six bottles of tasting wine.

Then we moved onto the bottles that guests brought for afterwards.

Then we moved onto bottles locked in the liquor cabinet!

Pretty soon we were guzzling vinegar and mouth wash and Nyquil!!

My good friend Captain, is a part of Wine Shop at Home, where she hosts wine tasting parties and sells the wine much like tupperwear or sex toys.

If you’d like her to come to your home and host a tasting with your friends, please visit her website:

After consuming enough wine to throw us all into an acid reflux overload, the group desperately needed something to soak up all the booze.


And not just any pizza….the infamous, Village Pizzeria! It was really worth all the hype. Thin, slightly crispy crust, ample toppings, great sauce. A top 5 LA pizza, for sure. For shiz.

Just in the nick of time, the delivery man arrived, bringing forth multitudes of hot boxes. Pizza boxes, that is.

Aww..nothing like a night of good pizza and antioxidant filled beverages.

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Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 465-5566