Aw…like walking straight into Japan….

Sorry, I mean, like walking straight into Epcot Center’s version of Japan.

This is as far from authentic sushi as you can get. But who cares? It’s a fun place, and their “sushi” creations are quite tasty.

Here’s a little Sushi FAQ for ya:

1. Sushi literally means: “it’s sour”

2. Sushi has been around for a couple hundred years (sushi as we know it, was created in the Edo period 1799 – 1858) but began as fermented fish and rice preserved in salt! If that doesn’t sound delicious….

3. There are many types of sushi but the three most common are:
Sashimi – Cut pieces of raw fish
Nigirizushi – Cut pieces of raw fish over clumps of rice
Makizushi – Raw fish and rice rolled in seaweed paper

4. Improperly prepared sushi can cause health risks! See below:

Sushi twice in one week! Who am I??

Went to din din with Chesty Morgan. We were unable to attend another sushi group dinner as, we feared it was going to be too expensive and this place was in walking distance of our prospective apartments. (Well, anything more than a block is driving distance for lazy, lazy Chesty)

Incidentally, we probably spent as much if not more than if we would have joined the group dinner. Tenille, I’m so sorry!

I ordered a few non-sushi lover rolls. The Salmon Killer, chopped raw salmon, bits of jalapeno and cream cheese, then baked in a tempura batter. It was delicious. In case you didn’t already know, cream cheese and avocado are western additions to sushi, not found in Japan.

Which is why I wholeheartedly dug it!

Then I ordered the Yummy Crunchy roll. Albacore tuna, avocado and yes, more jalapeno’s rolled in bits of tempura…crunchies. Also very good. The waiter said these were two of his favorites. As I believe he was Japanese himself, he’s a lying bastard!

The picture at the top is something Chesty ordered. Those little balls are LOBSTER. I only include this in my blog because I bravely popped one in my mouth. As soon as I began chewing, Chesty looked into my eyes with slight panic “You’re not gonna like it”.

She was right. I immedately shoved another piece of my own safe sushi in my mouth and half the available wasabi chunk, my actions dislodging the entire seat bench from it’s base and causing quite the commotion in the restaurant.

Unless I’m partaking in Sake, I will never die of delight when I eat a piece of Sushi. That raw fish factor will always make itself known to me, and I will always need to drown my meal in soy sauce, bathe it in wasabi and completely blanket it in ginger.

8000 W Sunset Blvd
Ste A2020
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 848-8583