I had this really good intro written….and then found out it was a blatant lie and had to delete it. Consider yourselves, missing out!

Have I blogged about an Indian restaurant yet??

I can’t believe I haven’t. I LOVE Indian Food. I’m an idiot with zero memory.

Indian is my comfort food. I usually order it on a Sunday afternoon when I’ve forced myself to wake up, covered in my own sick from the night before. (kidding, mom and grandma)

With the exception of a few upscale, expensive Indian restaurants, LA is filled with basically the same joint over and over.

You have your pastel 80’s cheap decor, your faded photos of the Taj Mahal, you’re overly polite waiters and your obligatory tin coffins filled with dried out Tandoori chicken carcasses and pools of blood-colored, swampy stew filled with miscellaneous meat chunks.

The problem is, I love this swampy stew.

However, I’ve never tasted tandoori chicken. I have no interest in dry as a bone Indian jerkey.

I’ll admit it. Indian food, close up, looks like the aftermath of an autopsy.

Let’s cut to the chase:

1. I LOVE Jaipur. The restaurant, not the city. Jaipur (known as the Pink City in India), I’m sure is quite nice.

2. Fantastic, frequent service.

3. High quality, extremely tender meats. I actually KNEW what dead animal I was munching on.

4. The perfect Naan bread. It was very thin and crispy. Usually, it’s too thick and you get filled up on that instead of your meal.

5. Good price, like most Indian restaurants.

6. The lunch buffet’s selection is enormous, filled with the usuals and, shockingly, fresh salads, fruit and even pakoras (veggie fritters) and chutneys!

7. I think I’m addicted to Law and Order. It’s on every freaking day on some channel or another. There are 41 different incarnations of Law and Order currently on television and I do not discriminate. I’ll watch ’em all! I’ve been neglecting my friends, my blog and even my hygiene to make sure I don’t miss a single second and even that terrible theme music.

10916 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-4994