OK, I had sushi in Little Tokyo on Saturday night. Trouble is, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant!

I’ve been all over the internet. Can’t find the damn place. I’m done looking. Law and Order is on.

It was a fun night with our friend Dijon in town from the Big Apple.

We met at the Kyoto Grand Hotel, at the rooftop Pangea Garden for drinks. Terrific atmosphere, tables and chairs scattered throughout the Japanese greenery and ponds.

Dijon and Tenille ordered champagne which came the following way: 2 plastic flutes and 2 bottles of Korbel. Welcome to Fancy Town. Especially when the base of each flute popped off.

After drinks, we walked to Little Tokyo, where we noticed the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed.

Then we went to _______ Restaurant in the Japanese Village Marketplace. We sat outside and ordered a bunch of rolls.

Siegfried always makes fun of me with regards to sushi. She will go off on how delicious some disgusting sounding shellfish-ridden creation is and then stops and says “Wait. Why am I telling you? You don’t even like sushi!”

I had the seared tuna salad and a couple other rolls containing tuna. But then I did the unexpected and ate a piece of sushi containing scallops. It wasn’t too bad.

I even ate a piece of what is pictured at top. What was it called? Rainbow roll, Caterpillar roll, sausage roll? Who knows. I did, however, scrape the slimy salmon eggs off first.

After our dinner (everyone there who knows sushi, says it was just all right) we headed to one of our favorite downtown bars, Seven Grand.

As it was a whiskey bar, Tenille and I shared a Mint Julep. Gross at first, but it looks nice and finally begins to taste good once you get to the very end.

So, if anyone knows the name of the place I ate at, please contact the LAPD or myself, as this is very urgent.


The restaurant was called Joy Mart.

137 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-9868