It’s official.

You must be collecting social security in order to drive a Lexus sedan in Los Angeles.

Without fail, the driver of a Lexus will have fuzzy hair, be of steering wheel height, donning extreme sunglasses and possessing the inability to make a vehicular decision in less than 4 minutes.

I know I will hate any driver of a Lexus. It’s a sure thing, like hot dogs giving me diarrhea.

I met one my best friends (Clyde) at the Boring Patch. I mean, the Cabbage Patch.

The menu is kind of random. What I ordered sounded great on paper. It looks great in the picture.

How it tasted?….um…it was all right.

It’s called the Jidori Chicken Bowl.

What the hell Jidori is, I don’t know.

I’m seeing it more and more on menus. In fact, let me look this bad boy up and see what it is.

Crap. Jidori Chicken even has a website.

Apparently it’s a Japanese term meaning “Chicken of the Earth”.

From what I can gather, Jidori is to chicken like Kobe is to beef. It’s the freshest, most spoiled rotten while alive chicken there is.

Some sushi restaurants even serve Jidori chicken raw!

Speaking of diarrhea.

I put a crapload of hot sauce on my dish. There was no sauce to speak of. It was a fine, healthy lunch. I’ve had a lot of those lately.

They’re both boring to write about and my stomach literally yawns as the food plummets into it’s midst.

I needed some excitement after that.

So, we headed to Mrs. Beasley’s for something sweet.

Mrs. Beasley’s is a famous company that makes delicious sweets. I see them in my office during the holidays as many of the companies we work with like to kiss our ass with a baskets of diabetes. The cookies taste like the cupcakes taste like the brownies.

I ordered the Cookie Cup. I’m still eating it, hours later.

214 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 550-8655