Those of you who know me, might be shocked to know I’m now into Football. I’ve been looking forward to Football season for months. I, myself, am shocked.

I’m even in a fantasy football league! Who knew??

Last year, I went to Hollywood Billiards almost every Sunday (any given sunday) sitting with my friends in the room that broadcasted every single game. The perfect viewing technique for the ADD challenged.

Unfortunately, I’m usually the only one watching the Seahawks game, which usually plays on the smallest tv in the most obscure corner.

Now, onto the food.

At this point, I’ve eaten everything on the menu. All of us have. We’re sick of it!

And how have we been repaid?

The size of the food menu has been sliced in half! They have, like, four things now. Boo!

They do have, however, a fancy new pointless drink menu, consisting of $50 multi-person margaritas and foofy drinks called things like Raspberry Fizz. We’re in a freaking sports bar, people! We want drinks called Jigglin’ Boobs or Kickem’ in da Nuts!

Their nachos have always been top notch. I get them several times through the season.

Captain also swears the chicken wings are the best in town (at the top). I did notice a plethora of actual meat on them as apposed to gristly tendons and chunks of fat. I usually avoid wings for these very reasons.

My stomach did turn a bit, as she stripped each bone clean and then flung each carrion on the plate in front of me.

Incidentally, the Seahawks shut out the Rams 28-0. Yes, I said shut out. And I do know what that means. Sort of.

5750 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-0115