Went here for breakfast with Captain and her parents, Molly and Charlie Campbell (real names).

Molly is a famous blogger, best known for her weekly gift of witty, biting commentary: mollyc-lifewiththecampbells.blogspot.com/

The idea of Beet Lemonade might sound revolting. And according to Molly, it was.

But I kind of dug it! I like beets and I like lemonade and have no trepidations of the two finally meeting and becoming friends. Plus, it was a cool color!

After breakfast (I’ve already blogged about Hugo’s, no need to do it again) we headed to Home Depot where we picked out plants and pots and things for Captain’s large patio area.

After renting an immigrant to drive the stuff back to her apartment, we proceeded to spend the next few hours potting and arranging until every inch of our white skin was bespeckled with manure-soaked soil.

We transformed a ghetto patio area into a beautiful outdoor living space. “Living Spaces!”