A nice, sunny day in LA. Had to get out of the office with Nancy and S.S. for some lunch.

LA is a great place for fantastically titled, fusion restaurants with average food. It’s our specialty.

We’ll call a place “Stone” or “Feces” and then serve Korean BBQ, tapas style with an Indian Italian flare, when the chef hails from Norway. It’s our thing.

Lemonade thrives in a place like LA. I cannot see it doing well anywhere else but NYC or Miami maybe (places people are more obsessed with their bodies). It’s an overpiced, trendy cafeteria. A see and be seen joint filled with the under 30 crowd with food on the healthier side.

I enjoyed my meal more for the fact that it was healthy, rather than it being super tasty. I just got a few cold salads and the cold citrus salmon. They have a bunch of different types of pot roast I would try next time (which sounded good but them being on the menu makes NO sense)

I liked the Blueberry Mint Lemonade, although, after a while, the super sweetness of it, got to me.

Would it have been criminal to go to a place called Lemonade and not get the Lemonade? I think so.

9001 Beverly Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90048
(310) 247-2500