Great name, right?

Well, this place has been taunting me since it opened many months ago, as I drive by it every day coming home from work.

And every day, I abstain. Every day, I realize that ice cream makes me feel violently ill after eating it and it’s best to avoid it.

Just pop a diet yogurt in the friggin’ freezer and eat that, you fat idiot! Sorry, didn’t mean for you all to see that outburst. I’ll be sure to have a stern talking to later.

Last weekend, I did not abstain. I figured it was high time, I checked out this bright pink spot where I’ve heard celebrities come and create their own shakes for the menu.

Oh, look. Here are some of the menu items. I choose the Britney shake. It just spoke to me. As Britney does. I think we can, at this point, all feel her pain.

The theme of this place is celebrities. TMZ is on the television, showing video of celebrities getting out of their vehicles, hiding their faces behind a tiny valet ticket or driving their car down Rodeo drive at 3 miles an hour, desperately hoping they do NOT get noticed.

There’s even a video screen in here that broadcasts a website listing current celebrity sightings from random people and where to hurry and drive to see Brad Pitt walking around the Grove shopping mall.

Or, if you hurry, someone just saw Jessica Alba getting her car washed. You should probably go and wash your car there too. NOW, I said!

This is not Jessica Alba. From behind, sure, it’s hard to tell.

Some random fat guy donning a bra and tiny jean shorts, rode his bike by us several times. Practically begging to be photographed. We had to oblige him.

This is even better than a celebrity sighting!

Oh, and the milkshake? It was really good. A small is $5 bucks. A bit overpriced. And it took about a year and a half to make, the counter girl went at a snails pace!

8910 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-1118